The client journey

Understand how we'll work together and what's to come

What you can expect

When setting out on a journey, it’s good to have a glimpse of the road ahead. Here’s an overview of the practical yet simple process that comes with working together.

Getting to know you

Our initial meeting is all about getting to know each other. For us, life planning and financial planning go hand-in-hand, so we start by getting to the core of what’s really important to you. We do this by asking key questions to help determine your true goals and aspirations for the future.

This stage is also about determining whether we’re a good fit. We tend to get the best results from long-term relationships with people who share the same values as us.

Prioritising your goals

We’ll help you prioritise your short, medium and long-term goals. With your timeline in place, we’ll help arrange your finances so that you can achieve your goals with the lowest level of risk to your money and future standard of living.

Creating your plan

At this point we’ll use all the information gathered so far to create a Master Plan. This will provide us with an insight into your financial future, as things currently stand.

This is a crucial part of the process, and what really sets it apart from typical financial advice. To keep your financial life on track you need to know where you stand today – and whether you’ll be able to meet your goals in the future. A Master Plan lets us see this clearly.

It’s also our chance to get creative! We’ll use cash flow software to explore all of the possible financial futures available to you, then decide together the best route forward right now – the one most likely to ensure your dreams become reality.

Implementing your plan

With your plan firmly in place, we’ll build a tailored investment portfolio for you and provide a clear picture of its expected performance over time.

We’ll also ensure that your new portfolio takes advantage of all available tax allowances, while making sure they don’t compromise your financial plan. We may also recommend trusts to manage Inheritance Tax liabilities and help distribute your wealth.

Ongoing work

It’s really important that we regularly revisit your plan to make sure it’s still relevant to your circumstances. We’ll typically meet at least once a year to review things and ensure you stay on track – that might involve tweaking your plan slightly, or helping you stay on course if your investments wobble.

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