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Savings and investment / case study one


Bob aged 59

ISA portfolio of £150,000
Other investments of £200,000
Poor fund performance and low interest rates

Regular income needed


  1. Bob is aged 59, he is semi-retired and had an ISA portfolio of £150,000 and other investments of £200,000.
  2. His investments were taken out through another firm over a number of years but without a comprehensible strategy in place and without consideration for his tax position.
  3. The investments had been originally set up for growth but he now needed additional income and wanted to change the emphasis of the investment strategy.
  4. His portfolio held some poorly performing funds and Bob had no idea of the overall risk profile of his portfolio. We also found that Bob was holding his cash in a number of Building Society accounts which had been ‘discontinued’ and so were paying negligible rates of interest.

What we did

  1. We re-assessed his investment risk profile and determined the income level required from the portfolio.
  2. We analysed and evaluated Bob’s existing investments and advised on an alternative strategy which took into account his risk profile and his objectives.
  3. Bob accepted our recommendations and so we restructured his holdings to improve performance and increase the income level.
  4. We also recommended some cash accounts with substantially higher interest rates, to ensure that Bob’s cash was working as hard as possible.
  5. We have regular review meetings with Bob, where we continue to monitor and analyse the investment funds so that the portfolio can be updated in light of changing investment circumstances.

The results

  1. The result is that Bob now has increased income in a tax efficient manner, a new investment strategy that has improved performance AND reduced risk/volatility as well as saving tax.
  2. Bob now has peace of mind that his investments are being proactively reviewed and no longer being left to chance.

As with our other case studies, this is based on real client scenarios, but with slight alterations to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals. You should not make investment decisions on the basis of the information in this case study without taking advice from a suitably qualified and authorised adviser.

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