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"Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which me must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success."
Pablo Picasso

Business planning / case study one


Andrew & Simon Private Limited Company

Scope of work
Protect the business
Retirement Planning
Investment Portfolio

Project Description


  1. As with most business people, Andrew and Simon concentrated their time and efforts on building their business and looking after their customers.
  2. The business was very reliant on their individual efforts, and if one of them had suffered a serious illness, or worse, had died, the business would be in a very sticky position.
  3. When we explored their feelings we found that Andrew really didn’t get along with Simon’s girlfriend, and that the last thing he would want would be to find that she suddenly became his business partner!

What we did

  1. Put a structured retirement plan into place, with a bespoke investment portfolio that addressed each of their needs and risk profiles.
  2. Helped them to protect the business in case one, or even both of them, was unable to work.
  3. Put a structure in place to ensure that they were each able to take full control of the business in the event that one of them were to die, and to make sure that this was done in the most tax-efficient way.

The results

  1. Our strategy provided for their continuing income without draining the business, and also a significant lump sum to help the business to work through the practicalities of losing one or both of them, including the cost of recruiting a replacement and protection against their bank demanding repayment of funding.
  2. Andrew and Simon still concentrate on keeping their business successful, but have the peace of mind of knowing that they are planning for their future and protecting themselves against risks which could have had severe consequences for the business.
  3. We also have regular meetings with them to keep everything up-to-date and they know that we are always on hand to offer guidance between meetings.

As with our other case studies, this is based on real client scenarios, but with slight alterations to protect the identity and privacy of the individuals. You should not make investment decisions on the basis of the information in this case study without taking advice from a suitably qualified and authorised adviser.

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