Your Money Tree

At our first meeting we will work with you to create Your Money Tree.  This is individual to you and unique.  The meeting is free and comes with no obligation.

  • We’ll have a conversation about what’s important to you. This can be one of most enlightening discoveries that individuals and couples ever make about themselves.
  • Discovering, defining and articulating what’s important to you when considering the choices you can make with your money is the key to better goal definition, better financial choices and a better quality of life.

We’ll create your own Money Tree for living your life ‘On Purpose’. You’ll have clarified what’s important to you, your goals that require planning and money to achieve your current financial reality and gain a profound sense of how these elements are connected together.

Your goal from this meeting is to achieve a new sense of clarity about your future and to determine if there’s a good ‘fit’ between us before taking the next step.