Our services

We help you identify, achieve and maintain the lifestyle you want without the fear of ever running out of money.  The process of planning is said to be more important than the plan itself and so we are careful to limit the number of clients we deal with.  That way the service you receive will always be personal.

We also provide:

•Unlimited face to face access to your planner, emails and calls returned within 24 hours

•A plan of action, updated at least annually. 

•Portfolio Construction Service

•Portfolio Management Service - keeping fees as low as possible whilst optimising your investments

•Taxation Planning

•Paperwork advice - what to keep and what to shred.

•Providing a second opinion on ideas you’ve seen elsewhere

•Secure access and up to date information about your money through any computer or smartphone whenever you need it 

•Secure messaging and free storage for all your important documents

•A review of all your insurances to make sure you have appropriate cover for all your needs

•A plan for your assets when you’re gone as well as a clear plan for managing your assets if you become unable to manage things yourself

•Introductions to other carefully selected professionals when you need specialist advice