Investment planning

For our clients, investing and accumulating money is not an end in itself.  What’s important is what that money can do for you by helping you achieve your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

That said, you’d expect us to ensure that your money is invested based on sound principles.  Our investment philosophy and investment approach set out the principles and thinking that underpin the process we use.

Our approach to investment management starts your values and goals.  At our initial meeting we will help you identify your goals that need money and planning to achieve.

We then build an investment strategy that takes into account, for example, time horizons for investment and risk, sets investment milestones and, through our review process, provides for regular reporting on performance. Unlike traditional stockbrokers who attempt to add value by ‘speculating’ on the selection and trading of stocks, ‘asset class investing’ relies upon the methodical allocation of the portfolio to various asset classes to deliver returns. The result of the way we work is that, instead of constantly worrying about the ups and downs of the stock market, our clients can relax, confident knowing that their investment strategy is totally aligned to the achievement of their goals.

Investment Philosophy

Investment Approach