Investment approach

We seek to mitigate the long term effects of inflation and risk through the creation of a diversified portfolio, split between multiple asset classes.  The optimal mix of asset classes depends on a number of factors including our client’s risk tolerance, age and time frame.

Over time, asset classes will underperform or outperform each other.  It is important that re-balancing takes place to bring the portfolio back to the original mix.  Evidence suggests that re-balancing annually is the most appropriate frequency.

We believe that the highest probability of success to helping our clients achieve their goals may be achieved by implementing passive investment strategies.  This approach improves the predictability of portfolio characteristics over time and ensures that clients receive the bulk of market returns available to them.

Transaction costs, brokers’ commissions etc, can have a significant adverse impact on portfolio performance. They should be kept low by minimising trading and using technology based platforms that facilitate low cost switching.