Code of Ethics

Otus Financial Planning is committed to providing a high quality personal service in line with the following Code of Ethics:


Objectivity:  At Otus we make the legitimate interests of our clients paramount.  Westrive to be as unbiased as possible in providing advice to clients and we provide fee based advice to our clients.  At Otus we treat people as individuals with fairness, equality and diversity regardless of race or racial group, sex or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or disability.

Confidentiality:  We keep all client data private, unless authorisation is received from the client to share it. We treat all documents with care and take care when disposing of them. Relations with clients are kept private.

Competence:  At Otus we aim to act with skill, care and diligence to maintain a high level of knowledge and ability at all times.  We undertake continuing professional development and education.  We only provide advice in areas where we are experts; otherwise relevant specialist advice is sought.  If we make an error in our dealings with clients, we will be open and honest about this.  In addition, we will endeavour to correct any errors as soon as they are brought to our attention.  In the event of a complaint, we have a complaints procedure that we adhere to for the benefit of our clients.

Fairness & Suitability:  Dealings with, and recommendations to  clients will always be fair and in the client’s best interests.  They will be accurate and straightforward and expressed in a way that the individual client can understand.  At Otus we put our clients first and base all decisions on a clear understanding of the client needs, priorities, concerns and circumstances.   Clients are  always  given clear information in order to make an informed decision before, during and after any action is taken.

Integrity & Honesty:  We are open, reliable, dependable and respectful and will not take unfair advantage of a client, colleague or third party.  We endeavour to be always mindful of the potential for misunderstandings and we will be diligent to keep actions and reactions professional.  We ensure that any promises made to clients about a product’s performance and the after sale service are true and correct.

Regulatory Compliance: We strive to maintain conformity with legal regulations and deal with clients, regulators and professional bodies in a prompt, courteous, open, clear and co-operative, financially responsible manner.  We ensure that we keep adequate and correct records and are suitably regulated with effective compliance arrangements, reporting any breaches.

Full Disclosure: We fully describe the method of compensation and potential conflicts of interest to clients and are transparent about fees and other costs.  We shall provide accurate and relevant information, including statements of qualifications, credentials and type of conformity with ISO22222

Professionalism:   We conduct ourselves with integrity, honesty and respect at all times within the law, reporting unlawful or otherwise unfair discriminatory behaviour and practice.  In all actions we are mindful that in addition to serving our clients, we are about the business of building a profession and our actions should reflect this by never bringing the financial services sector or the client into disrepute either in or outside work.  We will not offer or accept gifts, hospitality or services, which could, or might appear to imply an improper obligation.