Chris Weetman

Financial advisor - Chris Weetman

Chris has been married to Jo for over 14 years and has three young children, Archie, Poppy and Hattie who, together with two dogs, make sure there’s never a dull moment! Outside of work and family, Chris enjoys watching football, running, fishing, golf and learning to play the guitar.

‘ I set up Otus to provide clients with simple solutions to the complexity and hassle often found around money. I try to make it easy for clients to get their money to work for them, not them work for their money. I do this by helping them see what might be possible and allowing them to dream. As John Lennon said “A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” I use financial planning software to build plans with clients and I’m committed to acting in their best interests at all times.

I don’t want to be seen as someone whose advice to clients is driven by a desire to sell products and I don’t believe in confusing clients by downloading all my knowledge and using jargon.
Money is important to me, not in itself, but because it gives me choices. It enables me to accomplish what’s important to me and having a plan means that I can do the things I want to do, when I want to do them, giving a sense of freedom that few things can. I want to build a business that helps people achieve their goals, I want to give my children the best start in life and have a certain quality of life that gives me peace of mind'

Chris Weetman, FPFS, CFPCM, Chartered Financial Planner.

Chris was educated at Wolstanton Grammar School and holds Honours Degree level qualifications from the Personal Finance Society. He is Managing Director of Otus Financial Planning and has worked in the Financial Services sector for over 25 years.

The underlying theme to his approach to financial planning is to help clients decide how they want to spend the rest of their lives, to agree planning assumptions related to the likely cost of that lifestyle and then to help them prepare a plan which, when implemented, will make the best use of their resources towards the achievement of their objectives. Typically, this involves helping them with investment planning, tax minimisation and risk management.

He is happy to work with his clients’ other professional advisers, as well as providing access to Trusted Partners in all areas of personal and corporate financial planning who have been specially selected for their expertise and focus on client service.

Chris is a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society and a Chartered Financial Planner.  He has also been awarded the Certified Financial Planner designation from The Institute of Financial Planning. These qualifications mean that Chris is in the top 3% of financial advisers and planners in the UK today.